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Here’s a Free Guide to Kickstart a Preventive Maintenance Program

August 4, 2020

Flipping a facility to a preventive (or preventative) maintenance program can truly transform the way a building is maintained. From capital planning to better building documentation, the benefits of using a proactive plan make the work well worth the final outcome. Many facility managers like the idea of preventative maintenance but quickly become frustrated by not knowing where to start. The good news is that implementing a proactive process can be painless if building teams develop a solid strategy and use the right tools.

The Facility Management Preventive Maintenance Guide

AkitaBox has developed The Facility Management Preventive Maintenance Guide, a free ebook that provides building teams a roadmap towards proactive facility management and starting a PM program. The Facility Manager’s Preventative Maintenance Toolkit breaks down the implementation process into three important, easily achievable steps:

  • Facility Data Updating and Recording
  • Auditing and Inspecting
  • Budgeting and Planning 

Facility Management Preventive Maintenance Guide CTA to guide download page

Each section of the ebook also comes with additional free resources for facility managers to kickstart their own PM program.

Facility Software Key Features Checklist

The Facility Software Key Features Checklist is a free guide designed to help facility managers choose the right facility management software solution to help manage their buildings.

Inspection Preparation Checklist

Inspections by a city, county, state or federal agency can have long-term consequences if a facility is not up to par, so it is important to be prepared. The Inspection Preparation Checklist is a tool that gives facility managers a place to get started.

Facility Management Budget Template

Most facility managers also don’t have much flexibility in their budgets, so fiscal planning is essential. The Facility Management Budget Template provides building teams with a free spreadsheet to get ahead on budgeting.

Asset Replacement Cheat Sheet

Replacing assets in a facility can be expensive, so finding ways to cushion the cost can make or break a facility manager’s budget. Download the Asset Replacement Cheat Sheet to get a free list of assets that commonly receive tax breaks or credits when getting replaced.

Have further questions on getting started with a preventative maintenance plan? Schedule a free consultation with the AkitaBox team and we can guide you in the right direction.

Understanding & Implementing Preventive Maintenance for Facility Management Guide CTA to guide download page