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How to Manage Facilities Across Multiple Regions

September 28, 2021

Facility teams that manage facilities in multiple locations face unique challenges. The more regions, the more complexity. Many states and counties are subject to their own rules and regulations, which leads to even more confusion.

This complexity can also be due to:

  • Data inconsistency between multiple buildings
  • Different naming conventions between sites
  • Different processes and/or workflows from building to building or region to region

Any of this can cause major problems when facility management needs to address a facility in a different region, as they don’t have the information they need readily available to perform work in buildings they aren’t familiar with.

So what’s the solution? Let’s first take a closer look at the problem so we can better understand the complexities that need to be addressed.

The Challenge: Lack of Cohesive Data and Consistent Facility Management

Lack of cohesive data and consistent facility management can put a facility at risk. It can lead to:

  • Inconsistent and/or inefficient reporting
  • No effective means of comparing building to building or region to region
  • An inability to identify trends about a specific asset or equipment across a portfolio
  • Difficulty understanding different processes across multiple regions for the VP or Director
  • Lack of clarity needed to determine where to invest capital dollars

All of this leads to inefficiency in time management, compliance, and finances, among other things. So what are Directors, VPs & AVPs of Facilities, and Directors and VPs of Operations to do?

The Solution: A Comprehensive Facility Management Software Solution

A comprehensive facility management software solution can help alleviate the challenges of managing multiple facilities in different locations by providing the following:

1. Location-based asset mapping for each facility, regardless of region.

Location-based asset mapping for assets like a VAV box, fire damper, and more means a reduction in time spent “hunting”—going in the wrong rooms searching—for an asset. Instead, workers on site will have relevant documentation in their hands, increasing the level of excellence in performed work.
Location-based Asset Mapping_Midnight iPad Mockup Balance Tilt

2. Clear, accurate data for both active work orders and preventative maintenance planning.

Having clear, accurate data means you’ll manage facilities more efficiently. That’s because both your team and third parties dealing with work orders and preventative maintenance will be able to:

  • Respond faster
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Have an increased ability to share information
  • Achieve a higher level of overall preparedness

3. Ability for technicians to effectively perform work at any location in the portfolio.

A comprehensive facility management solution can help you better manage facilities by providing your people with a single source of truth where information is stored. This, in turn, will lead to better-informed facilities management work and better-maintained buildings.

Better facilities management and maintenance mean more control, time, and budgetary resources for your organization.

4. Capital planning capabilities to make spending and budgeting decisions more reliable.

A facility management software solution can provide a quantifiable set of KPIs for your teams—including VPs and Directors—helping them identify issues and inefficient practices, understand where time and effort is wasted, and get more done with your current budget.

This can help decision makers pinpoint wasted spend on underperforming assets, protect the organization from financial risk, and project future capital needs.

Regain Control of Facility Management Across Multiple Regions

If you’re not implementing facility management best practices—including utilizing location-based asset mapping, having access to clear, accurate data, ensuring you have capital planning capabilities, your facilities are risking efficiency, financial loss, and in some cases, death.

Take advantage of a facility management software solution and take the guesswork out of getting your facilities up to snuff. Provide your team with more control, time, and budget.

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Janelle Higdon

Former Demand Generation Manager with AkitaBox.

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