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Here’s Your Free Guide to Successful Hotel Maintenance and Management

Facility managers of hotels, resorts or spas know that the hospitality industry comes with its own unique rewards and challenges. On one hand, maintenance crews and housekeeping staff have the power to drastically improve the guest experience by providing clean, functional assets for occupants. On the other hand, facility managers know that backlogged maintenance issues, broken assets, guests complaints and failed inspections can cause their businesses to struggle (or even fail).

Luckily, there are many ways facility managers can improve efficiency of operations and save money in the process. Learn innovative, easy-to-execute ideas for running a more successful hotel, resort or spa with AkitaBox’s free 2019 Guide to Hotel Maintenance and Management.

The 2019 Guide to Hotel Maintenance and Management

Maintenance teams play a crucial part in making sure that accommodations are safe, comfortable and enjoyable. When assets work as expected, guests are more likely to be satisfied with their stay. In this comprehensive ebook, you’ll learn ways to bounce back from operational mishaps, boost revenue and improve your facility’s overall performance.


  • Data-Driven Reasons Why Hotels Struggle
  • How Facilities Teams Can Improve the Guest Experience
  • Making Your Facility More Eco-Friendly on Any Budget
  • Acing Facility Inspections with Preventative Maintenance
  • Planning Today to Profit Tomorrow in Hospitality

Download Now - The 2019 Guide to Hotel Maintenance and Management

To help your facilities department become even more successful, we’ve compiled a list of additional resources you may find useful at your organization.

Guest Feedback and Maintenance Response Card Templates

Guest Feedback Cards and Maintenance Response Cards are great ways to quickly alert your team to dysfunctional assets in guest rooms and notify guests that requested fixes were completed. These cards can also facilitate communication, improve operations and prevent maintenance issues from becoming worse. Download these free hotel comment card templates for a cost-effective way to keep your facilities teams and guests connected.

Eco-Friendly Operations Checklist

Facility managers know that saving money is an important part of staying within an available budget. One way to save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars a year is to make eco-friendly changes in your facility. From natural cleaning products to energy-efficient windows, the Eco-Friendly Operations Checklist lists dozens of ways to run a more sustainable facility.

Bed Bug Prevention Guide

Bed bugs can be a nightmare for hotels. Infestations can cause a variety of negative consequences including poor reviews, pricey extermination costs, online reports from guests and even legal action. In the Bed Bug Prevention Guide for Hotels, you’ll learn several ways to protect your facility against bed bugs and the repercussions associated with them.


Are you interested in learning more about improving productivity and lowering operating costs in your facility? The AkitaBox team is here to help. Our experts can determine where your team can improve and what tools they’ll need to succeed. Start by scheduling a free consultation with the AkitaBox team. With custom-tailored training and support, our team of success managers will help guide your facility in the right direction. 

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