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10 Reasons to be Thankful for Facility Managers

For many, November is a month to celebrate the people, places and things for which we are most thankful. November also can be a time when we celebrate the many ways facility managers make our lives easier.

Facility managers are heroes in disguise. These men and women keep us safe, provide productive work environments and ensure that operations run smoothly. As a “thank you,” we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons we are most thankful for facility managers.

10 Reasons to Be Thankful For Facility Managers

  1. Facility managers genuinely care about their organization’s mission, values and goals.
    Facility managers love seeing their organizations thrive! Everyday, facility managers are tasked with discovering ways to keep their buildings running smoothly. They serve as critical decision makers who truly impact the way their facilities run.

  2. Facility managers know how to go-with-the-flow, especially when things go wrong. 
    For facility managers, most days are relatively unpredictable. As a result, facility managers must be flexible, think on the fly and quickly implement solutions to problems that arise. They have the skills to take on all sorts of tasks, expected or not.

  3. Facility managers are your go-to facility budget gurus. 
    Facility managers rock at managing a facility’s budget. They develop and execute business plans, draw up budgets, calculate life-cycle costs and determine ways to reduce overall expenses. Saving money isn’t just a goal for facility managers; it’s a necessity.

  4. Facility managers truly value your health, safety and security. 
    Facility managers find joy in keeping their spaces free of hazards. They take a proactive approach towards safety by providing proper equipment, employee training and avenues for communication and trust. When systems in a facility work as expected, occupants are put at ease.

  5. Facility managers care about environmental impact. 
    Facility managers value the health of the environment, both inside and outside of their facilities. They know that a sustainable building is an effective resource for an organization. Employers count on facility managers to enhance efficiency and make buildings and grounds as “green” as possible.

  6. Facility managers possess skills that are critical to the success of a business. 
    Facility manager positions are not entry-level jobs. These positions take time to learn and require a wealth of industry experience. Many facility managers begin as engineers, building managers and assistants, then work up to senior-level positions. In other words, facility managers are difficult to replace, as they bring unique skill sets and experiences to a business.

  7. Facility managers wear many “hats.” Facility managers don’t just manage space, assets and budgets. They take on a variety of other responsibilities as well. They manage projects, handle strategic planning, promote sustainability efforts, enforce building codes, employ safety measures and so much more. Whatever the task at hand may be, facility managers know how to provide leadership and guidance to promote business goals. 

  8. Facility managers are master communicators. 
    Facility managers love interacting with the people around them. They constantly consult with tenants, occupants, workers, executives and departments in an organization to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible. Facility managers ensure that all operational decisions complement an organization’s values and strategies. 

  9. Facility managers are the ultimate problem-solvers. 
    Facility managers must find solutions to all sorts of issues and challenges. From broken machinery to pest control, facility managers must think out-of-the-box and fast, before issues escalate. Facility managers approach issues with critical thinking skills and confidence.

  10. Facility managers make our work environments work. 
    Facility managers make our work environments safe, fun and enjoyable. They are the ones who keep the office at the perfect temperature, make sure the lights come on and check that water is clean and suitable for use. They maintain environments that allow workers to do what they need to get done, each and every day.

Facility managers know their facilities inside and out. They care for the people within their buildings and take steps to protect them. And lastly, they’re passionate about the built environment and work hard to help us enjoy the places in which we live, work and play.

Thank You, Facility Managers!

Why are you thankful for facility managers? What do you appreciate most about your facility? Share your thoughts and insight with your organization’s facilities team. You’ll be glad you did!

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