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21 Online Building Management Resources You Should Bookmark

February 5, 2019

Keeping up with building management trends is the key to constantly improving and innovating the buildings you manage. Building management teams are busy with day-to-day tasks, and finding the time to look for quality resources can find itself low on the priority list. From magazines to podcasts, online networking groups to professional development courses, we saved you the work and rounded up 21 of our favorite go-to resources.

Building Technology Trends Blogs

1. PlanGrid Blog

If you’re at a point where you’re considering managing a construction project, PlanGrid’s blog should make your list of must-read blogs. Their articles cover upcoming market trends, thought leader interviews and educational content for AEC professionals.

2. IrisVR Blog

We’re big fans of innovative technology, and virtual reality on its own is fascinating to read about. IrisVR is a New York-based technology company that transforms the way construction and building teams can view their BIM models. Plus, they feature weekly technology articles showcasing fantastic use cases and best practices.

3. AkitaBox Blog

Finding up-to-date, relevant and innovative resources on the building industry can be tough to come by. Thankfully, there’s the AkitaBox blog, which features weekly articles on technology trends, insider insights, market research and ways to get the job done.

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Online Building Management News

4. Redshift by Autodesk

You may not have known, but Autodesk has its own online news platform called Redshift that publishes articles covering a wide range of topics – from best practices to innovation in the industry. Even better, the site covers not only AEC, but also includes manufacturing, infrastructure, and sustainability in its core range of topics.

5. FacilitiesNet

FacilitiesNet is an online publication for building managers that shares money saving insights, product research, education, salary information, job postings, discussions and editorial interviews about building design, construction, management and maintenance.

6. Facility Executive

Facility Executive is a one-stop source for information on quality operation, design and maintenance of facilities. Facility Executive brings in facility management experts who explore and analyze issues that affect facilities and the built environment.

7. FMLink

FMLink is an online news source that aggregates stories from other outlets and publishes fresh content relevant to the building management industry.

8. BuiltWorlds

BuiltWorlds is an online publication that covers all things growth and change in the built environment. Besides written articles, BuiltWorlds also offers video content and events.

Building Management Podcasts

9. The Facility Management Innovator Podcast

The Facility Management Innovator Podcast is truly one of a kind. This high-quality podcast publishes weekly interviews with facility leaders covering advice, facility workplace trends and challenges and the future of the industry.

Online Building Management Magazines

10. Facility Maintenance Decisions

Facility Maintenance Decisions offers both a digital and print monthly subscription for building managers and engineers. Topics range from on-the-ground maintenance tasks to high-level strategic insight on construction and renovation projects.

11. Buildings Magazine

Buildings Magazine is an online publication that covers smart facility management, especially when it comes to integrating new technologies into the buildings we work in.

12. Facility Manager by APPA 

Facility Manager is the official publication of APPA specialized for educational organizations. A digital subscription for APPA members, it gives high level and strategic advice on managing facilities.

13. FMJ by IFMA

FMJ is the official magazine of International Facility Management Association that is distributed six times a year in print and online. FMJ covers a range of topics, specializes in new building management technology, strategic advice, and the financial aspect as it relates to facilities.

14. CMM Online

Cleaning and Maintenance Management is a digital publication that not only covers updates from the facility management industry, but also includes advice, trends and news in the custodial and maintenance world.

15. Build Magazine

Published online four times a year, Build is a UK publication that ties building management into the larger sphere of construction and property management around the world. Many articles profile successful businesses and thought leaders from the industry and give insight into their daily lives.

Social Media Groups and Forums for FM

16. IFMA LinkedIn Group

If you’re looking to connect with other facility leaders on LinkedIn, this is the group to join. Sanctioned by IFMA and over 60,000 members, you’ll find everything from advice in the field to networking opportunities.

Online Facility Management Courses

17. Buildings Education

Buildings Education offers robust training opportunities for building management professionals. Courses range from maintenance how-to’s to calculating ROI and kickstarting capital planning. While some require a tuition fee, many courses are free, and most also offer continuing education credits.

18. ProFM Credentials

ProFM Credentials is one of the leading online certification sources for building managers looking for credentials offered beyond CFM (Certified Facility Manager) or FMP (Facility Management Professional). While there is a tuition cost, these courses offer a knowledge-based vs. experience-based curriculum like other providers. These courses cover over 24 knowledge areas.

19. OSHA

OSHA training is both necessary and relevant, especially in the building management industry. OSHA provides tons of certifications ranging from hazardous materials to all around safety by a building’s vertical (such as healthcare or government).

Building Management Conference Round-ups

20. AkitaBox 2020 Conference Round-Up

Every year, AkitaBox puts out the list of conferences we believe every building management professional should consider attending – even if it’s only one on the list. Whether the show is big or small, or your goal is to network or gain professional development, you’ll find a conference to attend on this list that will fit what you’re looking for.

21. FM Link

FM Link provides a huge list of additional conferences for building managers beyond what we’ve compiled, including a number of international shows. Even better, this list crosses over into other areas, such as cleaning, construction and maintenance.

Did we miss a resource? Comment below with your go-to magazine, online hub, or social group to add to our list. And of course, make sure to stay connected for more  tips, tricks and behind-the-scene looks into the world of proactive facility management.

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Meaghan Kelly

Former marketing content copywriter for AkitaBox.

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