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Facility Management in Higher Education: Downloadable Guide

September 9, 2021

Students don’t have to come to campus to earn a degree anymore, but they still want to.

After years of (slow) shifting toward online learning options, colleges and universities across the nation were thrown into the deep end of virtual learning by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Everything changed.

But as campuses reopen, students, faculty, and staff have all been reminded that there’s nothing quite like campus life. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a classroom dialogue, the energy of a residence hall, the cheer of a crowd rallying for the college team.

At the core of the on-campus experience is of course, buildings. Facilities are the framework of college and university campuses.

Balancing Priorities in University Facility Management

Facility managers, maintenance technicians, custodians, and groundskeepers are essential staff for delivering campus experience. They serve college students and staff by providing comfortable, engaging environments in every campus building.

Higher education facility management teams also focus on keeping occupants safe, ensuring that critical assets work properly, and simultaneously aim to save money for their institutions. Now that’s a lot of competing priorities.

University buildings impact more than just the day-to-day experiences on campus. They also impact both recruitment and retention.

So how do facilities teams keep it all straight? Download our guide for facility management in higher education to get started.


The Guide to Higher Education Facilities Management

To help college facility managers take control of their campus buildings, we’ve created the Guide to Higher Education Facility Management, a free, comprehensive ebook that explores innovative ways to maximize operational efficiency at your college campus.

CTA to Guide to Higher Education Facility Management

Topics Covered in This Guide:

  • The Key to Doing More with Less on Campus
  • How the Power of Data Collection Boosts Campus Facility Productivity
  • Innovative and Affordable College Classroom Furniture Solutions
  • Smart Strategies for Campus Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  • The Benefits of Facility Management Software for Higher Education


Throughout the ebook, you will find helpful tips, tricks and resources for making your facilities department more successful.

How Facility Management Software Can Help Your University

Facility management software can help institutes of higher education operate facilities more efficiently in terms of both financial and human resources. Replace old paper-based systems with software that leverages digital floor plans and asset pins of your own campus.

  • Manage work orders for campus buildings
  • Schedule asset maintenance and keep track easily
  • Review maintenance history on university facility assets
  • Create a preventive maintenance plan for campus

The AkitaBox team is here to help. Our experts can determine where your team can improve and what tools they’ll need to succeed. Start by viewing a short video demonstration of AkitaBox software or scheduling a free consultation with the AkitaBox team. With custom-tailored training and support, our team of success managers will help guide your facility in the right direction.

Janelle Higdon

Former Demand Generation Manager with AkitaBox.

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