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Here’s a Free Guide to Church Maintenance and Religious Facility Management

March 19, 2019

For many people, religious facilities, including churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and others, are much more than just buildings. These buildings are sacred and carry great meaning to all who gather there for worship, community, connection and spirituality. It is for these reasons that religious facilities require constant, comprehensive care throughout the year. With proper maintenance and management, religious facilities can help occupants focus on their faith and connect with others.

The 2019 Guide to Church Care and Religious Facility Management

Facility managers, maintenance technicians and custodial workers are critical staff members of any religious facility. They provide critical knowledge and skills, create well-planned maintenance schedules and ensure that building elements function correctly. They also take care to spend budgets wisely and provide clean worship environments.

To explore these roles more deeply, AkitaBox has assembled the 2019 Guide to Church Care and Religious Facility Maintenance. In this book, you’ll find ways to contribute to your organization’s mission through maintenance, budgeting, cleaning and use of facility management resources.

 Topics Covered in This Guide:

  • Innovative Design for Today’s Worship Spaces
  • Practical Budgeting Strategies for Religious Facilities
  • Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance Planning for Facilities Teams
  • Facility Management Software for Religious Building Success

Download Now - 2019 Guide to Church Care and Religious Facility Maintenance
Throughout the ebook, you will find helpful tips, tricks and resources for making your facilities department more successful.

Religious Facility Asset Check Up and Church Cleaning Checklist

No matter what size your religious facility may be, all buildings require regular cleaning and maintenance to meet the needs of worshippers. Here is a cleaning checklist to get your custodial and maintenance teams started. You will also find a list of common assets within a facility and how often to service them. Get your free download here.

Learn More About Improving Church Facilities Operations

Are you interested in learning more about improving productivity and lowering operating costs in your religious facility? The AkitaBox team is here to help. Our experts can determine where your team can improve and what tools they’ll need to succeed.

Start by watching a short video overview on AkitaBox software and its exciting features. Using a facility management software is one of the easiest, most effective ways to improve productivity and success in a religious facility. You may also find it helpful to schedule a free consultation with the AkitaBox team. With custom-tailored training and support, our team of success managers will help guide your facility in the right direction.

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