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Reader's Choice: The Best Building Management Articles Of 2019

From preventive maintenance to business continuity, find out which topics had people buzzing from the boiler room to the boardroom.  Here are the most popular business and building operations articles among our readers from 2019. 


Grab a cup of coffee and add a few of these resources to your morning reading list. Use the following links to skip straight to the section you’re looking for.

Building Operations Articles

1. How to Create a Business Continuity Plan that Works: A 5-Step Guide
Businesses rarely get advance notice when disaster strikes. If your organization doesn’t have a business continuity plan, now is the time to create one. Here are five steps to creating a reliable plan, plus free resources to get you started.

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Download 5 Steps to Building a Business Continuity Plan

2. Vendor Management for Facility Managers: 4 Best Practices
Vendors play a vital role in building operations because they are able to complete tasks that may otherwise be difficult for a facility’s staff to complete on their own. These four vendor management best practices will help you stay organized and reduce stress, starting today.

3. Building Technology Trends of 2019: The Total Geek's Guide
Technology nerds, rejoice! Here’s our most comprehensive guide to building technology yet. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about drones, virtual reality, smart sensors, biometrics and other cutting-edge technology trends of the year.

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4. Building Turnover Checklist: How to Transfer Documentation Safely
Building turnover can create a variety of issues when it comes to transferring documentation from one building to the next. Don’t let critical information get lost or damaged; be proactive and protect your documents during your next construction project.

5. How to Calculate Square Footage in Your Facility, the Easy Way
How do you calculate a building’s square footage? What’s the difference between gross square feet and net square feet?  What do you even use these terms for and why are they important? This visual-style article will explain four commonly used square footage types and how to calculate them.

Download - Commercial Property Inspection Checklist

Maintenance Management Articles

1. Preventive Maintenance 101: How to Implement a Successful Program
Excessive wear and tear can compromise the efficiency of equipment. Read this comprehensive guide to learn how preventive maintenance can promote optimal asset working conditions, prevent unanticipated downtime, and even conserve the life span of mission-critical equipment.

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Download the Facility Manager's Preventive Maintenance Toolkit

2. 3 Ways to Reduce Building Maintenance and Operations Costs
Building operators have the power to leverage maintenance to maximize the value of their facilities and increase business revenues. The best part? They can even delight their occupants while doing so. Read three strategies you can use to optimize building management and reduce maintenance costs.

3. How to Create a Custodial Cleaning Plan that Actually Works
Keeping your buildings clean doesn’t need to be difficult. Keep occupants safer and healthier with our ultimate guide to custodial cleaning. We’ve included innovative insights on custodial staff allocation, standards of cleanliness, steps to creating your own custodial cleaning plan and more.

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Download - Guide to Custodial Cleaning

Building Management Career Articles

1. Facilities Management Jobs and Career Paths: The Explorer’s Guide
Our explorer’s guide to facility management careers highlights the most notable inner workings of the building management profession. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find helpful information on FM career paths, salaries, education, certifications and more.   

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Download the Facilities Manager Resume Template

2. 21 Online Facility Management Resources You Should Bookmark This Year
Finding up-to-date, relevant and innovative resources on the building industry can be tough. From magazines to podcasts, online networking groups to professional development courses, we did the work for you and rounded up 21 of our favorite go-to resources.

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