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The Best Facility Management Articles of 2018

It’s almost 2019! To celebrate the end of another successful year, we’re taking a look at the top facility management articles of 2018. In the next week or two, consider adding a few of these resources to your list of morning reading material. Seeking out new information is a great way to build knowledge and strengthen your industry expertise. And hey, you might even learn something new!

Our Best FM Articles of 2018

5 Steps to a Successful Facility Condition Assessment

A facility condition assessment (FCA) analyzes a building’s age, design, materials, assets and more. Conducting an FCA may seem daunting, but it’s a crucial part of maintaining your facility’s overall performance. Discover five steps involved in a successful FCA.

The K-12 FM Checklist for Back to School 2018

Next school year may seem far off, but time really does fly! Prepare yourself and your maintenance team with AkitaBox’s K-12 FM checklist. You’ll learn five areas of your facility that should be inspected, serviced and maintained in 2019.  

How to Use Lean Facility Management to Reduce Costs

Practicing lean facility management is a great way to identify waste, reduce costs and improve overall productivity. In this article, you’ll learn eight types of waste your facility should eliminate. With lean thinking, you’ll be one step closer to proactive facility management.

3 Ways to Reduce Building Maintenance and Operations Costs

As many maintenance teams know, backlogged maintenance issues can quickly pile up. Learn how to avoid overworking your team with reactive tasks (and save money and energy in the process!) Here are three strategies to optimize building management at your organization.

How to Create a Custodial Cleaning Plan That Actually Works

Does your facility have an effective custodial cleaning plan? Whether you’re looking to start fresh or completely revamp your current strategy, AkitaBox has you covered. Learn ways to create a cleaning plan your team will actually enjoy using.

The Beginners' Guide to Facility Asset Management

Facility asset management involves taking a systematic approach to monitoring, maintaining and managing a facility’s assets. Whether you’re new to facility management or just need to brush up on your tactics, our beginners’ guide to facility asset management will get you started.

The 5 Biggest Innovations in Facility Management Technology

Today, building technology is more innovative than ever before. This article explores five emerging technologies that are making a big impact in the industry. Plus, get a free ebook on today’s revolutionary tech trends!

4 Square Footage Definitions You Need to Know and How to Use Them

What’s the difference between “gross square feet” and “net square feet?” What about “net assignable square feet” and “net cleanable square feet?” Find these answers in AkitaBox’s illustrated guide. Understanding square footage definitions has never been easier!


When it comes to facility management, the internet holds a bunch of great articles, data and information to keep you in the loop. Here are a few additional FM resources you may find useful in the upcoming year.


Stay on top of the latest news, articles and research in facility management with Buildings.com. This website is perfect for facility managers who want to learn more about the development, construction, modernization and management of today’s buildings.

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

Check out IFMA’s online extension of their FMJ Magazine publication. With exciting trends in facilities worldwide, this website offers leader tools, cutting-edge research, a knowledge library and many FM-related publications.

Facility Executive

Facility Executive’s “FacilityBlog” covers a wide variety of topics, from humor in the workplace to technology insights. Read articles on facility safety, security, environmental awareness, energy management and more.


FacilitiesNet is a great news resource for facility managers who want to make their buildings more efficient and cost-effective. Check out FacilitiesNet for budget insights, product research, current technologies and case studies.


Looking for creative articles on workplace issues, innovations and ideas? If so, then WorkDesign may be a great fit for you! Here, you’ll find expert insights, tips, trends, product roundups and workplace design tips all in one place.

Workplace Insight

We can’t forget about our facilities across the pond! Regardless of the ocean between us, WorkPlace Insight is chalk full of great data on leadership, innovative buildings and tech in the FM world.


Do you enjoy reading facility management websites, blogs or magazines? Tell us about them below! We’d love to know industry resources you’ve enjoyed this year. Chances are, if a resource is useful to you, it’ll probably be useful to someone else too!

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