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The Best Facilities Management Articles of 2021

December 16, 2021

The results are in! You let us know which topics were most important to you in 2021 – from KPIs and maintenance to budgeting and capital planning.

Dive into the our most popular articles covering operations, facility condition assessments, capital planning, higher education and healthcare facilities, sustainability, and green building.

Operations Articles

FM KPIs Every Team Should Track_Blog Sub Header Image

Facility Management KPIs Every Team Should Track

Showing the true worth of your team starts with gathering and analyzing the numbers — because if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Since there are so many different metrics and KPIs you can track, you may be wondering where to start. This article will help you brainstorm, initiate, and accomplish your most important goals.

4 Ways to Reduce Building Maintenance and Operations Costs

You have the power to leverage maintenance to maximize the value of your facilities. These four strategies can optimize facilities management at your organization and reduce maintenance costs.

How to Manage Facilities Across Multiple Regions

The more regions, the more complexity. Many states and counties are subject to their own rules and regulations, which leads to even more confusion. A comprehensive facility management software solution can help alleviate these challenges.

Preventive Maintenance 101: How to Implement a Successful Program

If you’re still taking a reactive approach to maintenance, it’s time for a change. A strong preventive maintenance plan is the key to keeping your equipment in safe, operable condition. Here’s how to get started.

When Buildings Are Barriers to Accessibility

The plain fact is that buildings can be barriers to people with handicaps. But they don’t have to be. Considerations can be made in their design and maintenance to enable every kind of user – from the fully able, to the disabled, to the vision and hearing impaired, to the elderly.

Facility Condition Assessments & Capital Planning Articles

How Modern FCA Software Can Help Your Firm Stand Out_Blog Sub Header Image

3 Ways an FCA Enables Better Capital Planning

A facility condition assessment is a complete evaluation of your equipment, buildings, and other physical assets. Conducting an FCA compiles the information you need to determine what your facilities budget should be for the coming year. Here are 3 of the biggest ways an FCA supports smart capital planning.

Using Facility Management Metrics to Support Capital Planning

Using inaccurate and outdated facility management metrics puts facility managers in a challenging position. You understand your facility’s demands but don’t have the tools to accurately present facility needs to your stakeholders. However, by implementing new tools that leverage existing connected technologies, facilities can revolutionize their capital planning process.

How Modern Facility Condition Assessment Software (FCA) Can Help Your Firm Stand Out

Delivering more than a static FCA report does more than help you stand out. It helps build a more integrated relationship with your clients and unlocks recurring revenue. You need to rethink how you complete and deliver your FCA service. Modern FCA software evolves the old PDF report into a living deliverable that delivers greater value.

Higher Education Articles

4 FM Budgeting Tips in Higher Education_Blog Sub Header Image

4 Facility Management Budgeting Tips In Higher Education

Don’t just copy and paste your budget from last year. Take some extra time and plan out a higher ed facility management budget that works for your university facilities with these four simple tips.

Facility Management in Higher Education: Downloadable Guide

To help college facility managers take control of their campus buildings, we’ve created a free, comprehensive ebook that explores innovative ways to maximize operational efficiency at your college campus. You’ll find helpful tips and resources for making your facilities department more successful.

Healthcare Facilities Articles

Improve Patient Care With Hospital FM Software_Blog Sub Header Image

9 Pain Points of Healthcare Facility Management

Healthcare facilities face challenges with dated technology, clunky inspection reporting, inaccurate data, and medical compliance – just to name a few. Here’s a look at the key pain points healthcare facilities face and how the right facility management software can help you solve them.

Improve Patient Care With Hospital Facility Management Software

Hospitals are complex. Knowing how to navigate the different floors, where every asset is, and what route to take for your inspection round can take years to master. Hospital facility management software provides instant access to this vital information so teams can work efficiently and complete work correctly.

Sustainability & Green Building Articles

Healthy Buildings Start with Rethinking Building Operations_Blog Sub Header Image

Healthy Buildings Start with Rethinking Building Operations

In essence, healthy buildings are built environments that keep people safe, healthy, and happy. Achieving healthier buildings doesn’t take a herculean effort. Even small changes can go a long way. Find out how to start improving the health of your building.

Why Green Buildings Are More Than Just Good for the Environment

When it comes to going green, it isn’t just about saving the environment. There are significant business impacts to more sustainable facility management and to converting to green buildings in your portfolio. Check out some easy ways to implement sustainable processes across your buildings.

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