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AkitaBox vs. Your Typical CMMS: What's the Difference?

Your facilities department needs a software platform to help manage service requests, work orders, preventive maintenance, cleaning schedules, inspection rounds, and facility data, but choosing the right one can be difficult.

Most building management software is designed for use by a facilities department, but not all options are equal. We decided to save you some time. Here’s a detailed list of how AkitaBox is similar to and different from your typical CMMS.

3 AkitaBox Features Similar to a CMMS


1. Work Order Management

Most facility departments use work orders on the job every day, especially for reactive maintenance. A work order management system is a critical part of delegating tasks, tracking employee workloads and authorizing maintenance, repair, and operations work in your building.

Both AkitaBox and a typical CMMS offer the ability to generate work orders based on the service requests you receive from team members and other occupants in your building. Use your work order management system to triage service requests by building, department, reactive vs. preventive maintenance, and more.

2. Maintenance Scheduling

Facilities teams are responsible for eliminating risks and upholding safety in a building. Maintenance scheduling plays a big role in keeping your building safe, secure, efficient, and up-to-code. Through these preventive maintenance tasks, you ensure that equipment runs the way it should year-round.

AkitaBox and other CMMS options allow users to create preventative maintenance (PM) schedules, as well as schedule follow-ups to building inspections or audits. This way, your team can ditch its reactive approach to maintenance and instead leverage software for a more proactive approach.

3. Maintenance Reporting

Data-driven facilities teams want to see solid evidence of what they’re doing well and what they may need to improve on. The right facilities software will report on your team’s efficiency and accuracy — which is especially useful for annual reports seen by leadership.

AkitaBox and other CMMS options offer reporting that serves as hard evidence of your team’s performance, so make sure your software has the ability to “show the numbers.” A reporting dashboard that’s easy to read is also a must.

Official AkitaBox Comparison Guide

3 AkitaBox Features Different from a CMMS


1. AkitaBox offers facility data collection and best-in-class onboarding

Accurate building data collection is a critical part of maintaining the overall health, lifecycle, and efficiency of your buildings and assets. Data plays a key role in countless processes ranging from calculating square footage to managing work orders, diagnosing trends, consolidating information, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

AkitaBox takes the guesswork (and heavy lifting) out of facility data collection. Some CMMS providers offer this as an add-on service for an extra cost. AkitaBox does this standard for all new customers. Our team of experts will arrive on-site to walk your facilities, collect your building and asset data, and input it into the platform. This gives you accurate facility data you can have faith in. Take back your day and leave the work to us. We are your trusted partner.

2. AkitaBox creates a digital, interactive experience with your facility’s floor plans

In today’s technology-driven world, dealing with old, outdated floor plans can be a pain. Documents get lost. Paper records become inaccurate over time. At AkitaBox, we digitally transform your floor plans and ensure they mirror your true physical buildings.

Through AkitaBox's direct integration with AutoDesk Revit®, we deliver accurate floor plans in industry-standard BIM file format. Leverage PlanView® to access any type of facility data from floor plans to asset information and service history. Simply select a building, floor or asset’s pin to view its information, location, photos, and associated documents.

3. AkitaBox’s innovative software applications solve complex facility problems (beyond just work orders)

Just like your buildings, your facilities team is unique and requires software that solves even the most complex facilities problems. The AkitaBox team has listened to its users and designed powerful software products to help you tackle any task that comes your way:

Inspection Software

AkitaBox Inspections leverages our visual platform to help teams complete required inspection rounds faster, even in complex buildings. Build programs that meet any regulatory requirement from The Joint Commission, OSHA, and others with our powerful form builder and simple user interface. With dedicated inspection programs, you can quickly monitor inspection progress across your entire portfolio, or drill down into specific buildings, compliance codes, or programs for more transparency.

Capital Management

Ditch your old, static FCA reports and use real-time condition and risk data for more accurate capital planning. Save current equipment conditions to provide more reliable life-cycle projections, allowing you to defer maintenance with more confidence. AkitaBox’s unique integration with Gordian's RSMeans data automates suggested upcoming tasks, helping you avoid financial surprises and lower the risk to your organization.

DeepClean Assurance

A software that assists custodial teams in following proper cleaning protocols and promoting transparency with stakeholders. It is driven by disinfection guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Access cleaning routes, customized lists of EPA-approved cleaning products, and a ​shareable assurance certificate ​that ensures that EPA-approved products have been used to successfully eliminate COVID-19 and other contaminants in a room.

What’s the Verdict?

If your facilities team is small in size or simply looking for a work order management system, then a CMMS may be the best fit for you. A CMMS alone can be a great tool for facilities teams, but it’s important to remember that a facility management platform like AkitaBox can still be used in conjunction with your CMMS to unlock your facility’s full potential and your team’s success. AkitaBox is ideal for organizations that are looking to digitally transform how they manage facilities and their building portfolios.

Are you interested in doing more research on AkitaBox versus other options on the market? Check out the AkitaBox Comparison Grid for the information you need to make an informed decision or view this video (link to new overview video).

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