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AkitaBox Launches GigFM Program to Bring Local Gigs to Facility Workers

October 12, 2020

While COVID-19 has caused some facilities to shut down and others to continue operating, all facility management teams have been forced to adjust. Ultimately, the importance of safety for both the facility team and every person who interacts with their facilities has become paramount. Processes have not only changed but for many organizations, cuts have been made to hours or headcount within the facility department.

This focus on safety and changes to our workforce are no different for AkitaBox. We have made adjustments to our on-site travel schedules to keep both our employees and our customers safe and healthy. But with customers relying on our software to help them navigate these difficult times, we realized we needed a creative solution to continue supporting both new and existing customers. Thus was born the GigFM program.

GigFM: Bringing Gig Jobs to Trade Workers

While the gig economy has opened up new opportunities for people to earn extra money on the side by delivering food or transporting people, gig jobs are few and far between for trade workers. GigFM is aiming to change that.

Gigs offer flexible schedules and straightforward work with well-paid, safe opportunities in the facility management space. GigFM is ideal for trade workers looking to earn extra money on the side, recently retired trade workers who want to stay involved, or new graduates who have an interest in the facility profession.

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How Local Gigs Work

With GigFM, anyone with access to an iPad can start making extra cash on a schedule that works for them. GigFMers will visit local client facilities to walk their buildings, collect information, and take photos of their building assets, such as their generators, fire extinguishers, or HVAC systems. AkitaBox will work with you to determine a schedule that works best for you, and our easy to use software means you will be trained and ready to make cash in no time.

Each gig offers a different pay rate based on size and scope of the project, with gigs lasting anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks. These gig jobs are intended to be local, reducing expenses for GigFMers and speeding up the timeline.

Before going on-site, GigFMers will be trained on using the AkitaBox software and processes for collecting data. The simple design of AkitaBox makes this process short and painless, meaning GigFMers can start earning money fast. GigFMers will have an AkitaBox contact they can communicate with onsite on questions or issues, with recap meetings after the project is completed.

Delivering Services In Challenging Times

At AkitaBox, we strongly believe that having up-to-date and accurate data in your facility management software is vital for facility management teams. Collecting that data is a pain point we have heard from countless customers, which is why we are dedicated to continuing to take that load off of them. GigFM allows us to continue to deliver that value to our customers and ensure they start using our software faster.

Through the GigFM program, AkitaBox will continue to deliver the services that are vital to making our software powerful for our customers. By utilizing local talent, AkitaBox is continuing to expand its onsite teams to help complete projects faster and avoid potential delays related to travel. This enables us to hit or beat project timelines and get software in customers’ hands sooner.

How to Apply for GigFM

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a GigFMer and wants to explore local gigs near you, check our site at You can view current gigs and set alerts to be notified when a new gig is posted near you!

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Mitch Comstock

Former Product Marketing Manager and Innovator for AkitaBox.

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