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3 Company Goals You Can Achieve by Leveraging Building Data

December 27, 2019

You may be surprised to discover that many of your company-wide goals rely on your facility and operations staff. These teams play a crucial role in helping organizations streamline their internal processes, identify potential risks and implement safety protocols. If you’re looking to unlock productivity and profitability for your organization, you should be talking to your building operations team and reviewing their departmental data.

Not sure where to start? Here are three examples of goals that your organization can achieve this year with a little help from your facilities team.

Benefit your Organization with these 3 Building Operations Goals

Goal #1: Increase employee satisfaction with the help of a facility management software.

Many employees would agree that their work environment impacts their mood, drive and performance. A dreary office with unsanitary bathrooms, dysfunctional equipment or poor air quality can lower morale and limit productivity.

Conversely, work environments that are clean, comfortable and functional will keep employees more engaged and focused. Your facilities team can help you improve the occupant experience in your building if they have the right data.

Facility Software: The Tool You Need to Improve Employee Satisfaction

With a software tool that captures your building infrastructure data, you and your facilities team can understand what’s happening in your building and illuminate areas for improvement. Software is the key to streamlining workflows so improvements can be made faster.

Facility software benefits go beyond just the building operations team, and here’s why:

  • Occupants can use a software’s service request portal to instantly submit a maintenance request.
    Having a quick, intuitive way to ask your facilities team for help is a great way to keep occupant satisfaction high within your building. The situation is a win-win: Submitters will be notified when maintenance is on the way, and your maintenance team will be notified of issues they may not be aware of.

Service Request Portals with AkitaBox

  • Facility software could also save you thousands of dollars a year.
    The right facility management software will push your facilities team to stay on top of service requests and plan for future maintenance tasks. This can reduce the likelihood of costly downtimes or equipment failures, saving hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on unnecessary asset replacement costs each year (depending on the size of your organization).

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Goal #2: Establish a complete emergency preparedness plan for your organization.

Emergency preparedness is essential for any organization. Organizations should actively plan for emergency situations and take steps to mitigate risks in order to ensure safety and business continuity.

An important element of emergency preparedness is making sure that your organization’s floor plans and egress plans are accurate and up-to-date. Egress plans are building maps that house critical indicators such as posted emergency routes, evacuation paths and red exit signs that lead to stairs and doorways.  Even if people in your building have never done a fire drill, they should know how to evacuate.

Why are Floor Plans Crucial to Safety and Security?

Local emergency teams rely on accurate floor plans in order to properly assist in an emergency. If police officers, firefighters and medical personnel do not know your building’s actual layout, it can be difficult to know the quickest way to enter a building and get to where they need to go. Your building’s assets should also be documented for insurance purposes, in case of critical damage.

business continuity emergency response

Building occupants also rely on accurate floor plans and egress plans. Combined with emergency response protocols, egress plans specify where to go in case of a fire, weather emergency, medical emergency or active threat.

Tips for Updating Your Building’s Floor Plans:

Now is the time to update and digitize your floor plans – before a disaster strikes. The good news is you can hire a reliable data collection service to do the work for you. A contractor will use cutting-edge technology to speed up the data collection process and increase accuracy. The final deliverable will be up-to-date floor plans, powerful building data and more time for your maintenance team to attend to critical maintenance tasks.

You’ll also enjoy peace of mind, knowing that people within your building are better prepared for an evacuation or shelter-in-place procedure.

Download - Emergency Response Planning Checklist

Goal #3: Use the power of technology to ensure safety and compliance.

Major mechanical failures, workplace injuries and pending lawsuits over facility safety are just a few examples of a business’s worst nightmare. To reduce the likelihood of safety-related issues, your organization needs a reliable and accurate documentation process that proves safety and maintenance compliance to inspectors.

The most efficient method of maintaining building compliance and preparing assets for inspection is with an inspections application. A cloud-based app is simple to use, highly accessible and offers unmatched flexibility for compliance officers and building operators alike. Through any Internet-connected device, users have instant access to critical building information, all in one centralized location.

Did you know? In today’s technology-driven world, it is not uncommon for inspectors to accept (or even prefer) using an organization’s inspection software to manage rounds and prove compliance. For example, the software can be used to demonstrate that appropriate preventive measures have been taken for safety compliance and equipment maintenance. The right facility management software also can eliminate bulky binders and scattered clipboards with real-time compliance reporting.

Insider Insight:

Robbie Steinbock


Paper-based inspection preparation methods can be inefficient. Unlike facility management software, these methods do not offer instant access to up-to-date facilities data, work order histories, asset information or results of an inspection.

Building managers can make the inspections process much faster and easier by investing in a cutting-edge inspection app. This way, inspections can be as easy as giving the inspector a tablet and granting them temporary access to your building’s interactive floor plan. From there, inspectors can locate any type of asset, review electronic historical data and use filters to search for the exact information they need.


Robbie Steinbock, Chief Technology Officer at AkitaBox


Ready to achieve your company goals this year?

Positive change doesn’t happen overnight. An organization’s greatest aspirations often start with small tasks that transform into something great. Our goal at AkitaBox is to provide you with the knowledge and building management resources you need to succeed, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out.

Goal-setting starts with proper planning. Check out the Essential Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Worksheet, which is designed to help business professionals discuss, plan and implement their most critical goals. Download your free copy today!

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