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AkitaBox Connect

The ultimate construction handover experience

Meet the AkitaBox-Procore Integration

Construction document turnover doesn’t have to be painful anymore. AkitaBox Connect bridges the divide between construction and building operations. With just a few clicks, move your construction project documentation out of Procore and into the AkitaBox facilities management platform.

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How AkitaBox Connect Works

  • Select the desired documents, photos, drawings, and other files in Procore
  • Export them to AkitaBox in minutes
  • Assign each file to the appropriate building, room, asset, etc. within AkitaBox
  • Once turnover is complete, continue using AkitaBox as the day-to-day facilities management tool for the building

Documentation Handover Made Easy

Benefits for Building Owners and Contractors

  • A turnover process that takes minutes – not weeks
  • Maintenance-ready documentation like warranties and O&M manuals are available on day one of building operations
  • All assets and associated data files mapped to the building’s digital floor plans in AkitaBox
  • The building’s facilities management data housed in AkitaBox better informs the next construction or renovation project
  • Everyone saves time, money, and headaches

“AkitaBox Connect facilitates the roundtrip journey of building data from construction, to maintenance, to the next construction project. It helps ensure the essential construction documentation living in Procore is transferred to the facilities teams in a usable format so they are equipped to manage the building from day one.”

Jeremy Chasen Senior Business Development Manager

What Is AkitaBox?

It’s a powerful software platform for optimizing building operations. With a single tool, manage work orders, preventive maintenance, facility condition assessments, inspections, capital planning, and more.

  • Our location-based system maps all of the building’s assets and asset relationships onto digital floor plans.
  • Easily attach photos, O&M manuals, warranties, and other information to each asset.
  • Robust reporting gives you a clear picture of everything going on in the facility.

And that’s just the beginning.

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