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Facility Management Software for Commercial Real Estate

Protect your NOI through better building management

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Increase Your Portfolio’s Profitability

Become a portfolio management superhero. AkitaBox equips you to make data-driven decisions that protect your NOI. It’s designed to transform your commercial real estate operations with top-tier building asset management tools.

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No More Financial Surprises

Calculate a property’s replacement reserve with even more accuracy

Enjoy a clearer picture of your buildings’ condition and future capital expense requirements. AkitaBox helps you match your facilities budget to your desired outcome, arming you with the data you need to determine where to spend your budget dollars to maintain your buildings profitably. It equips you to better calculate your needs, freeing up cash and improving your property’s valuation.

Evaluate Your Building Portfolio's Performance

Tracking and comparing property maintenance costs is critical when accessing future investment needs. Whether evaluating a current portfolio’s NOI or looking to acquire a new asset, AkitaBox’s Capital Management app gives you concise and accurate data to make informed decisions.

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Protect Your NOI with Preventive Maintenance Programs

Eliminate hidden maintenance costs, increase collaboration, and reduce reliance on institutional knowledge by consolidating all of your maintenance and building data into one place. AkitaBox gives you transparency into day-to-day building operations, empowering building operators to control costs and mitigate unnecessary spending.

You’ll be better equipped to manage everything from the ongoing costs of maintaining your buildings to long-term life cycle cost analysis.

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Minimize Tenant Turnover and Build Trust with Better Asset Management

Well-maintained assets mean happy tenants. AkitaBox collects all of your asset information (including the location, manufacturer information, and maintenance history of every single asset) into fully accurate, two-dimensional floor plans. Your facilities team can access all of this data from any mobile device, tablet, or computer for faster response to maintenance requests.

Protect Your NOI while Improving Tenant Satisfaction

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