Improve patient satisfaction by automating facility maintenance and planning.


Support a Safe and Compliant Healthcare Environment

  • AkitaBox helps healthcare facility managers achieve zero-deficiency surveys by improving maintenance documentation and record accessibility.
  • Prove maintenance and inspection activities by scanning QR codes on building assets or using smart search to locate historical records.

Control how Building Data Integrates with your Facility

  • AkitaBox standardizes building information to improve communication and data collection between team members and contractors.
  • Integrate data from Autodesk Revit, space management software and your current work order system.

Backup Facility Needs with Solid Data

  • Clearly display budgeting needs by layering asset and space data over building plans to improve communication with your organization.
  • Track maintenance to make intelligent decisions, plan for unexpected costs and retain the tribal knowledge of your maintenance team in a searchable location.

Integrate Space Data from RevitĀ®

AkitaBox can import asset data from RevitĀ® to simplify construction turnover and put valuable data into the hands of your team members.


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We do the heavy lifting for you! AkitaBox transforms your building plans and spreadsheets into an intuitive resource for proactive building management.