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AkitaBox was founded in August 2015 by a nuclear engineer, a building technology guru and a lifelong salesman. After spending years in the building management industry dealing with messy paper documents, complicated spreadsheets and outdated software systems, AkitaBox was created to automate the manual maintenance processes that annoy building operators.

AkitaBox is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin

AkitaBox is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin


Todd Hoffmaster - Chief Executive Officer

Todd has managed technology implementations on more than $2B of new and existing buildings. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on building technology integrations. Todd was awarded Top 40 Under 40 in Madison in 2010.


Robbie Steinbock - Chief Technology Officer

Robbie worked for Bechtel Power Corporation as Design Engineer at a nuclear power plant under construction. He created an application that tracked more than 25,000 facility components in that plant. This frustrating experience informed the creation and development of AkitaBox.

Luke Perkerwicz - VP of Sales and Marketing

Luke worked as a building technology consultant with TURIS Systems. He has held sales positions with Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo and Altria Group. Luke taught for the Wisconsin School of Business and helped start the school’s first sales education and recruiting organization.

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