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Protect Your Property Investment Portfolio

Reveal the true cost of property management with real property data.

Evaluate your building portfolio's performance

Tracking and comparing property maintenance costs is critical when accessing future investment needs. Whether evaluating a current portfolio's NOI or looking to acquire a new asset, AkitaBox's Capital Management app will give you concise and accurate data to make the most informed decision.

Real Property Asset Management Explore the Capital Management App


Evaluate your building portfolios performance with AkitaBox

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The Next Level of ROI for Intelligent and Connected Buildings

An Executive Brief from Frost and Sullivan


Optimize your building portfolio and increase NOI

With building data at their fingertips, your asset managers can be better equipped to manage everything from the day-to-day costs of maintaining their buildings to long-term life cycle cost analysis. 

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Optimize your building portfolio and increase NOI in AkitaBox

Manage budgets and project capital expenses

Every building has operating expenses that need to be accounted for. With your building data consolidated into a single source of truth, you can budget strategically to achieve your ideal return on investment.

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Manage budgets and porject capital expenses in AkitaBox

Eliminate budget guesswork

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