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Simplify Building Operations and Facilities Management

Save money and improve efficiency with a building infrastructure platform.

Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness

Relying on paper documents or disorganized folders adds a level of complexity and risk to your teams day-to-day work. Utilize location-based asset mapping to reduce new employee on-boarding time and reliance on institutional knowledge while having confidence in your facilities data.

Location Based Asset Mapping Explore Location-Based Asset Mapping


Increase Operational efficiceny and effectiveness with AkitaBox-1


Our robust and powerful platform guarantees exactly what you need with unmatched flexibility.


Strategically manage spaces and fixed assets 

Get automated maintenance reminders, work order routing, assignment tracking, custom maintenance scheduling with a cloud-based preventive maintenance management tool. 

Preventive Maintenance Management Discover Preventive Maintenance Management


Strategically manage spaces and fixed assets in AkitaBox

Increase occupant satisfaction with simplified work request management

With AkitaBox, you can easily field occupant requests, manage work orders and provide personalized updates all in the same place. With building data at your fingertips, facility teams can reduce response times for service requests and close out tasks quickly.

Work Order Management Experience Work Order Management


Increase occupant satisfaction with simplified work order management in AkitaBox

Make data-driven decisions 
from the boiler room to boardroom

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