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Your Path to Better Facility Compliance

Maintain safe and healthy facilities for everyone

Make daily, weekly and monthly inspections more efficient and more accurate

Paper checklists and floor plans make regular inspections time-consuming and error-prone. Our Revit-built, visual platform and powerful form builder make it easy to find every stop and know exactly what needs to be done, even in the most complex facilities.

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Our robust and powerful platform guarantees exactly what you need with unmatched flexibility.


Ensure continued operations through proactive maintenance

Poorly maintained assets and downtime events can pose a big problem to not only meeting regulatory standards, but also the health and safety of your occupants and employees. AkitaBox works with you to establish an automated preventive maintenance program that keeps assets running at peak performance longer and reduces unplanned downtime.

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Improve collaboration to deliver safe and healthy facilities

Utilize a single source of truth that allows for faster reactive work order response times. Whether its an issue identified through a failed inspection, a high-priority request from an occupant or a self-induced work order created by your team, AkitaBox provides a single platform to communicate and triage urgent work orders faster.

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Know Your Facility Inside and Out

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