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Make Data-driven Capital Planning Decisions

Calculate the probability of failure of facility assets to avoid unplanned capital expenses

Visualize real-time condition and life cycle data of strategic facility assets

Revolutionize your facilities capital planning through data-driven decision making. AkitaBox delivers automated suggestions on upcoming major repairs and replacements, with data such as current equipment condition, risk and estimated costs.

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Our robust and powerful platform guarantees exactly what you need with unmatched flexibility.


Extend the life of assets and avoid unplanned downtime

Reduce reactive maintenance tasks and extend the life of your assets through a preventive maintenance program. Leverage AkitaBox's expertise to identify best practices across your organization to achieve long-term savings.

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Mitigate expenses that reduce profitability with AkitaBox

Communicate more effectively with budget holders

Utilize our visual reporting dashboards to provide a clear picture into facility data that matters, such as annual renewal costs, building FCI, equipment risk data and backlog maintenance tasks across your entire portfolio.

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