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Take Guesswork Out of Capital Planning

Harness your data for an accurate picture of property sustainment costs.

Keep your sustainment projections on track

Gain instant access to equipment condition information for your entire building portfolio. Continually update asset conditions, determine asset life cycles, prioritize upgrades and communicate replacement needs.

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Make smart capital budgeting decisions for your properties in AkitaBox-1

Mitigate unplanned capital expenses and increase profitability

Save hours of planning and calculations when you trust in AkitaBox's team of industry experts to deliver a preventive maintenance program that meets your organization's unique needs.

Preventive Maintenance Management Navigate Preventive Maintenance Management


Mitigate expenses that reduce profitability with AkitaBox

Make more informed purchasing and acquisition changes

Before you make additional investment into your building's infrastructure, understand the true value with a building condition assessment.

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Get data-driven cost projections using AkitaBox-1

Maximize your net operating income 

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