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Keep Your Operating Costs Low

Manage and maintain government-owned property portfolios.

Drive Efficiency in Government-Operated Buildings

Building Infrastructure Software for Government Facilities.

Streamline Inspections-100

Improve Your Inspection Process

Reduce the time and stress of maintaining compliance with a software that proves completion and gives access to live reporting

For Compliance Teams

Increase Net Operating Income with AkitaBox

Sustain Superior Government Facilities

Automate a preventive maintenance program based on your needs and industry standards to reduce equipment downtime and extend the life of assets.

For Facilities Teams


Accurately Forecast Sustainment Costs

Skip costly one-time reports with a software solution that utilizes equipment conditions to give current projections.

For Building Ops Teams

Streamline compliance with an automated inspection program

Spend less time preparing, completing and reporting on inspections. Our purpose-built inspection application delivers customizable rounds and checklists that teams can complete in the field.

Inspections App Discover Streamlined Inspections


Increase Operational efficiceny and effectiveness with AkitaBox


Our robust and powerful platform guarantees exactly what you need with unmatched flexibility.


Lower maintenance costs and improve occupant experience

AkitaBox partners with you to implement a preventive maintenance program that lessens equipment downtime and reduces maintenance costs. With fewer reactive work orders and better maintained assets, your team can deliver a better experience for visitors and government employees.

Preventive Maintenance Management Explore Preventive Maintenance Management


Protect your gross operating income with preventive maintenance programs in AkitaBox copy

Preserve government facilities through data-driven budgeting

Planning and managing capital expenses is a balancing act between meeting the public's expectations for government spaces and the need to preserve historic pillars of the community. With AkitaBox, you get a clear view of future sustainment costs that meets your facility condition goals and budget.

Real Property Asset Management Check out the Capital Management App


Get data-driven cost projections using AkitaBox-1

Understand and maintain your community’s portfolio of assets

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