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5 Reasons Why AEC Firms Use AkitaBox FCA Software

January 26, 2023
Create living FCAs with ease. End the inefficiencies in your FCA process. Deliver lasting results.…

How to Leverage the Lifecycle of Facilities Data for Capital Planning

January 19, 2023
Healthy facilities data equals more effective capital planning. Here are 3 ways to ensure your…

How Technology Is Advancing Capital Planning

January 14, 2023
Learn how new FCA technology provides real-time visibility - making it a powerful capital planning…

Webinar – From Cradle to Grave: Use Data to More Effectively Manage Your Facility’s Lifecycle

January 12, 2023
Don’t let valuable facility intel slip through your fingers. Join our panel of executives at…

AkitaBox: Our Name Explained

January 11, 2023
“AkitaBox” - what a weird name, right? What does it mean? And what the heck…

Best Facilities Management Blog Posts of 2022

December 28, 2022
Check out our 10 most-visited, most-read, most popular blog posts from 2022, covering capital planning,…

The 2023 Facility Management Conference Roundup By Industry

December 20, 2022
The most comprehensive round-up of the top facility management conferences to attend in 2023. No…

The Facility Manager’s Reading List: 45 Books on Buildings, Leadership, and Design

December 15, 2022
It’s the ultimate reading list for facilities managers. Find books on facilities management, healthcare FM,…
Data Sheet

AkitaBox Security FAQ

December 13, 2022
See what makes AkitaBox software a solid investment in the security of your facility data.

Facility Management in 2023: 5 Trends to Watch

December 8, 2022
Doesn’t it feel like every “trends” article says such-and-such trend will hit this year, but…
Data Sheet

AkitaBox FCA Software for AEC Firms – Data Sheet

November 30, 2022
See the future of FCA software in this downloadable data sheet for architecture, engineering and…
Data Sheet

AkitaBox FCA Software for Building Owners & Operators – Data Sheet

November 30, 2022
Learn more about AkitaBox FCA Software for building owners and operators in this downloadable overview.

10 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Facilities Team this Year

November 17, 2022
Give your facilities teams the recognition they deserve. Here are ten simple, but meaningful, ways…

Ebook: Transform Your Construction Project Handover Process

November 16, 2022
Better operationalize construction data for your clients with this free Ebook.

Build a Lucrative Facility Assessment Business (While Saving Your Clients Money)

November 10, 2022
Building owners want facility condition assessments that stay current over time. You could be the…