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Facility Maintenance Software that works For You.

Sick of complicated software setups and scattered facility information? AkitaBox’s facility maintenance software collects, integrates and organizes building information to simplify maintenance and planning.

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Here's What You Get With AkitaBox

Accurate Floor Plans

Our team will take your existing building plans, convert them to the industry standard of Autodesk Revit, and update them for accuracy.

Complete Asset Inventory

We will collect an accurate inventory of your building assets. Each asset will be photographed and tracked locationally on a floor plan.

Implemented PM Plan

We will create preventive maintenance schedules custom to your building to extend the longevity of building equipment and create a proactive facility management team.

How It Works

Best In-Class Software

Simple, yet powerful software. AkitaBox automates your daily maintenance tasks to free up the time you need to make your facility successful.

90 Day Implementation

AkitaBox does the heavy lifting for you! We collect all of the asset data you need to be successful with maintenance and planning.

Exemplary Training

Your software is only as good as the team that uses it. That’s why AkitaBox will provide custom onboarding and ongoing support. This ensures your team will get the most out of your purchase.


Location Based Asset Mapping

Overlay standard operating procedures, asset data and photos on specific floor plan locations for fast and intuitive information access.


Integrated Facility Management

AkitaBox simplifies facility management by giving you a single location for all of your maintenance, custodial and capital planning information.


Intuitive Action

Predict facility management costs with beautiful reports for custodial workload balancing, maintenance planning or asset budgeting.

Proprietary 4 Step Implementation Process

Accurate and complete asset information, without taking your team away from operations to do manual data entry!

AkitaBox does 100 percent of the software implementation and setup. Now you can focus on running your buildings and not straining your eyes to enter data from asset name plates into a complex program.

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Exemplary Training

Personalized training to ensure smooth, 90 day onboarding and long term success.

AkitaBox provides continuous online training sessions to ensure your team gets the most out of your facility management software investment.

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