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Piloting Drones Into the Future of Facility Management With AkitaBox

Drones are the new iPhone. There's a vast playing field of the size, capabilities and price tags of these machines, and now they're more readily available commercially for just about anyone to have. No longer just a tool for military reconnaissance, drones in facility management are automating our current manual data collection and inspection processes.

Drones and Data Collection 

AkitaBox's facility management software and PrecisionHawk's drone technology are officially partnering up to collect facility asset data with drones. Say goodbye to extra ladder climbing, sunburns from walking the roof and that weird cramping you get in your feet. The folks over at PrecisionHawk are one of the pioneers of these systems and are charging forward into the future of big data decisions.

Making your data useful and accessible to drive better decision making, regardless of the type of profession you have. They have proven time and time again the power their systems can provide for industries such as agriculture, insurance, energy, construction and government. 

Now, they begin the path with AkitaBox to chalk up facility management on that growing list. Their software, combined with the latest and greatest drone technology, is capable of creating mind blowing analytics that are visually beautiful and extremely intuitive for anyone.

AkitaBox's innovative processes for collecting and integrating facility data to help building operators become more proactive made this partnership a natural fit. "Drones are the future of external facility inspections" says Luke Perkerwicz, Co-founder at AkitaBox. "PrecisionHawk is a market leader with drone technology. With this partnership we see the opportunity to provide actionable facility data to our clients at a much faster speed."


One of the biggest appeals to utilizing drones in facility management is to automate data collection and inspections for building rooftops and grounds. These drones also provide a massive amount of other data such as 2D Mapping, 3D Mapping, Area Measurement, Thermal Imaging and even volumetrics in construction scenarios.

I spent the day down in Illinois onsite with some of the PrecisionHawk folks to see what this partnership can do for facility managers. Jeff Freund, the VP of Construction at PrecisionHawk, joined me onsite to discuss how he thinks this partnership would benefit facility managers;

"The drones that we use at PrecisionHawk, combined with the robust software provided by AkitaBox, is going to change the way our buildings are managed forever. Having the ability to utilize larger amounts of data will drive smarter decisions across the board. Not too mention, this could save a few folks those extra trips up and down on the roof which results in better safety protocol."

Roof and grounds inspections traditionally require a technician to physically walk an area to gather data and perform their tasks. With AkitaBox and Precision Hawk's drone technology, we can perform building inspections in a matter of minutes. Not only does this reduce costs, but this improves safety as workers are no longer tasked with climbing on potentially hazardous roof sections. Facility managers can instantly get detail square footage measurements of roof sections, fields or pavement to assist in facility capital planning. 

Drones in Construction

It doesn't stop with buildings that have been turned over and filled with working occupants. PrecisionHawk has utilized their UAV's on construction sites to help streamline data collection and keep construction crews more informed of their process. This also allows construction groups to look back on the data to determine if they met certain benchmarks, used more or less material than expected and how they can educate their teams more intuitively. 

Facility Management Software Meets Drones

The true abilities of using drones with facility management software shines through the integration of asset mapping and building inspections. When paired with a system that can document and be edited with flexibility and ease, you create a dynamic duo that makes your job much easier. Not only will it relieve both physical and mental stress, but it will make your team more efficient and able to put focus back into the routines of proactive maintenance.

Looking to learn more about the capabilities of drones and innovative technologies in the facilities space? Check out our Revolutionary Technology Trends Report to discover the latest software and gadgets coming to a facility near you.

Download link for the 2021 Technology Trends in Facility Management Report


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