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Partnerships in Action - Integrating Aerial Intelligence for Facility Roof Inspections

Today's facilities are complex. New building systems, assets, and processes mean the old way of doing things just doesn't cut it anymore. While it can be hard for facility teams to keep up, facility management technology offers a way to meet changing needs and demands… as long as they are successfully adopted.

AkitaBox takes a consultative approach to crafting comprehensive solutions that solve complex facility management challenges. As General Manager of Federal Solutions and Innovation at AkitaBox,  a small business, it is still important to invest in innovation to incubate, test, and deploy technology solutions that are scalable, repeatable, and more frankly, necessary as our customers seek better ways to manage their facility infrastructure. 

One of the proven ways AkitaBox designs new solutions is to evaluate technology applications and partner with technology providers. You’ll find us fielding the latest mobile mapping equipment, exploring robotics platforms, assessing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced sensors, and more. We invest in building unique partnerships to bring comprehensive solutions to our customers with scalability, effectiveness, and cost in mind. 

Our partnership with Pointivo was transformational when it comes to automated drone-enabled roof inspections integrated with our Inspections and Capital Management software. Here’s how.

Download link for the 2021 Technology Trends in Facility Management Report

Pointivo - AI for Built Environments

Founded in 2014, Pointivo is a pioneer in 3D enterprise asset inspections with a mission of delivering deeper insights into customers’ facilities and physical assets. They are a technology-first company, leveraging drones, AI, and computer vision to deliver faster and better facility assessments. 

Dan Ciprari Headshot Circle Pointivo


“Pointivo is highly focused on providing our customers exceptionally powerful solutions that make their lives easier. We automate the often heavily manual process of asset inspection using our deep domain knowledge and patented AI platform.  Customers benefit from millions of data points we’ve gleaned from inspecting over 60,000 assets last year. Our partnership with Akitabox offers a complete facility solution unmatched in the industry.”

Dan Ciprari, CEO and Co-founder of Pointivo

It’s advanced technology delivering real-world data for better decision-making. Now that is something we can all get behind.

Changing the way roof inspections are done

Historically, roof inspections have been time-consuming, unsafe, and highly subjective. No one likes doing them given the risks of slipping and falling, but they are a vital part of maintaining facilities. Deficiencies can lead to costly repairs from water intrusion and more. With the proliferation of UAS to support a variety of value-add use cases, leveraging aerial platforms to support infrastructure inspections is a compelling application, particularly the use of drones for roof inspection. AkitaBox customers can now access our automated roof inspections powered by Pointivo to unlock aerial intelligence towards actionable insights with AI. Coupling this with more accurate estimates of roof repair costs allows one to complete roof assessment virtually.

How Roof Inspections with Drones Work

AkitaBox and Pointivo Roof Inspection Orthomosaic Drone Photography

When a customer requests a roof inspection with AkitaBox, a locally trained Part 107 certified UAS pilot is dispatched to the site. Pre-programmed flights are calibrated to capture roof data safely and efficiently for designated facilities in a fraction of time and requiring no to low contact with facility owners or operators. 

Using 120+ AI models designed to auto-detect and identify component-level equipment and highlight deficiencies, customers get a bird’s eye view of their roof like never before. Thermal scans can see beyond the human eye to identify potential leaks and voids based on temperature anomalies. Once the flight is complete, results are validated by facility analysts as part of our quality assurance process. 

Customers receive detailed reports and high-resolution imagery with insights into inventory, issues, and conditions of their roof and assets. These are shared in auto-generated but customizable reports to integrate directly into your business operations. Imagery is stitched together into 2D views and a 3D photogrammetric model so customers can take measurements and continue inspection activities virtually. 

Not only is this key for a baseline inspection of roof infrastructure, but it can also be utilized to inspect after climate-driven events to ensure the roof is intact and sound. It can also provide insurance adjusters with a critical view -- especially for hard-to-access or inaccessible areas --  to support accurate damage assessments and fair claims payout. 

Innovation in Action - FAA Drone Roof Inspection

The AkitaBox and Pointivo partnership is breaking ground on new innovative projects not only in the commercial space but in the federal sector as well. Together we bring integrated aerial intelligence for infrastructure inspections. 

Glady Singh 250x250

“When you think about the asset-intensive and aging portfolio that the DoD or some civil agencies have to maintain and operate with often shrinking budgets, leveraging technology becomes a force multiplier like no other. Investing in technology partnerships and being able to demonstrate these capabilities of new solutions directly to the federal government is why I love what I do.”

Glady Singh, GM Federal Solutions and Innovation, AkitaBox

As part of this continued commitment, AkitaBox and Pointivo recently demonstrated to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) UAS Tech Operations Working Group (AJW) how a small US-manufactured Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) can capture high resolution visual and thermal roof data on an 80,000 sq ft TRACON facility within a couple of hours, pinpointing target water intrusion and degradation areas.  

In parallel, the AkitaBox team is supporting Booz Allen Hamilton and the FAA with conducting UAS operations for infrastructure inspections on or near airports. Navigating the complexities associated with conducting UAS operations in general, and particularly in complex environments like DoD installations and airports requires blending technology knowledge with mission understanding to boost government confidence in our proposed operations.

Our experience working similar federal UAS operations, garnering waivers and the approvals necessary given our high regard to safety, data security and using approved UAS equipment is invaluable to supporting these types of projects. Our team deploys UAS technology alongside other remote-sensing prescriptions designed to capture beyond roofs. 

AkitaBox Team adding VLXAkitaBox works collaboratively with other innovative technology partners to integrate additional remote sensing platforms such as vehicle-based LiDAR and high resolution imagery to digitize and accelerate inspection of road and pavement infrastructure (more to come on this in a future article). This is a game-changer to digitize horizontal infrastructure and assess the condition and continued degradation year over year for recapitalization of these critical infrastructure assets.

AkitaBox invests in advanced mobile mapping technologies to capture detailed complete facility interior and exterior data that powered with AI and software can accelerate assessments like never before. These applied remote-sensing technologies and partnerships in action provide a compelling demonstration to customers of how they win with tech-enabled data solutions.

Learn more about the AkitaBox partner network and how we are transforming the way facilities are maintained and managed. Interested in becoming an AkitaBox partner? Let us know!

AkitaBox Partner Program web page link


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