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The Top 5 Facility Management New Year Resolutions for 2019

Happy New Year from AkitaBox! Setting goals for the new year is important. But figuring out where to start can be difficult. Why not start with your facility’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)? A CMMS is designed to make work easier. However, if your software is more of a barrier than a helpful tool, it might be time for a change. Here are five proactive ways to improve your facility’s CMMS usage in 2019.


1. Say goodbye to paper work orders and floor plans.

This year, ditch your department’s paper work orders, floor plans and other printed building information. Electronic documents are harder to misplace, better for the environment and more convenient for your team than paper documents. Plus, you’ll save money and reduce waste at the same time. Look into a cloud-based facility management software to make your switch easy. (Need help getting started? Schedule a free consultation with our software specialists and learn more about CMMS solutions that will best fit your facility’s needs.) Your team will appreciate having an easy-to-understand work order system and instant, computerized access to asset information.

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2. Make your software more accessible to your facilities team.

A CMMS that is cluttered and difficult to use can be a serious hindrance to your team. In 2019, boost your department’s success by making your CMMS more accessible. First, upload all information and documents your team needs to be successful, including electronic floor plans, asset information and maintenance manuals. Next, provide software training to your team. This way, you’ll ensure that your team fully understands how to use your software. With everyone working together, your team’s communication and collaboration will greatly improve.

3. Customize your FM software to fit your team’s needs.

When it comes to facility management software, not all options are built the same. Some softwares are specifically designed to be user-friendly and highly customizable. Customizable softwares offer a variety of ways to custom-tailor your interface. This year, customize your CMMS in the following ways.

AkitaBox Customizable Location-Based Asset Management Software

  • Create color-coordinated asset pins

  • Place asset pins on up-to-date, electronic floor plans

  • Customize fields for asset mapping

  • Attach and upload necessary documentation

  • Upload photos and maintenance information for all assets

  • Customize maintenance schedules through your CMMS

  • Control user permissions and grant temporary access to outside users

Remember, your CMMS should be a team-oriented tool. A software that is customized to meet your team’s needs will be more enjoyable to use.

4. Use your CMMS to reduce reactive maintenance.

As many maintenance teams know, it’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed as backlogged maintenance issues pile up. Reduce stress and frustration this year by switching over to a preventive maintenance (PM) approach. First, update each asset’s work order history in your CMMS. This way, your team will know when an asset is due for maintenance. Second, use your CMMS to establish a solid PM plan. Address your most critical assets first, then add more assets as you go. And lastly, emphasize asset condition monitoring, which will help your team recognize repairs needed before an asset breaks. With early identification, your team will be able to prevent unplanned breakdowns and collateral damage.

5. Use your facility management software to collect valuable data.

Is your current CMMS able to collect data on work orders, service requests and reactive vs. preventive maintenance? If not, it might be time to switch to a software that can. Find a facility management software that collects data and displays this information on a dashboard. Your software should be able to collect data on work orders completed, average hours per work order, number of service requests submitted and more. This year, make it a goal to use your CMMS the way it was intended to be used. Remember to close out completed work orders and revamp outdated maintenance schedules. If used correctly, your CMMS will produce useful, accurate data for you.


This year, make a point to set proactive goals for your CMMS. As a result, your facility’s operations will be much less stressful. Let 2019 be the year that you put energy towards positive change and improving your work spaces.

Ready to take on more work-related New Year’s resolutions? If so, we suggest setting goals to make your facility more safe and secure. Find innovative ways to mitigate risk in your facility with the 2019 Facility Safety and Security Plan Guide. You’ll find helpful information on disaster preparedness, preventative maintenance, building codes, security plans and more. Get your free download here.

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