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AkitaBox Compared to UpKeep: Which is Right For Me?

Choosing a facility management software is a major decision. Whether considering your first one or looking to make a change, this investment can pay big dividends...as long as you choose the best fit.

So how do you pick the right one? You probably already have your list of wants and needs, but comparing different software providers can be challenging. Scrolling through providers' websites and sitting through product demos can all blend together as many providers use similar language and have similar features.

With this in mind, we stood up AkitaBox next to some of the providers that we’re often compared to. In our first installment, let’s look at how AkitaBox compares to UpKeep.

How are AkitaBox and UpKeep Similar?


1. Quality User Experience

Your facility management software is only valuable if your teams actually use it. Many legacy systems that have been on the market for 10+ years are difficult to use for technicians, managers, and directors. Despite that, it’s sometimes hard for teams to consider switching since those systems have been in place for so long.

AkitaBox and UpKeep both offer an alternative to these clunky systems. Designed with facility teams in mind, both systems are built so that users will want to use the software on a daily basis. Simple navigation and clear workflows make it possible for teams to fully utilize the software and get maximum return on investment.

While UpKeep has helped reshape the CMMS market, AkitaBox is doing the same thing at the enterprise level.

2. Simple Maintenance Management

All CMMS and facility management software offers a work order system and preventive maintenance scheduling. But not all systems are of equal caliber. Setting up a preventive maintenance schedule or completing a work order from the field should not require lengthy "how-to" guides.

AkitaBox and UpKeep both do just that. The workflows for creating, completing, and tracking maintenance work are simple for Technicians, Managers, and Directors alike. Whether looking to replace a paper-based system or a difficult-to-use incumbent software, AkitaBox or UpKeep can help make facilities teams more efficient, more responsive, and keep facilities operational.

3. Maintenance Reporting

With both AkitaBox and UpKeep, you will get a visual reporting dashboard that allows you to track your team's activity and gain insights into your maintenance practices. As your team completes work orders and preventive maintenance schedules, data is automatically updated in your reports eliminating time spent building them yourself.

The benefits of having easy access to these reports are endless. From quickly assessing your team's performance to understanding where resources are needed, a maintenance reporting dashboard is a must-have for any facility team. These visual reports are also helpful when meeting with the Board or Executive Leadership who may not have a facilities background. Some AkitaBox customers have even used their reports to successfully make the case for an additional headcount on the facilities team.

CTA to AkitaBox vs CMMS Comparison

Where AkitaBox Leaves UpKeep in the Dust


1. AkitaBox Has Robust, Interactive Floor Plans

Both AkitaBox and UpKeep offer digital floor plans in their software but the way they are delivered is vastly different. UpKeep enables you to take your current PDF floor plans and upload them into the software. While this offers a quick solution, AkitaBox takes your digital floor plan experience to a higher level.

AkitaBox knows that current floor plans are not always the most accurate. In fact, more than 90% of our customers had undocumented major changes to their floor plans. That is why we do hands-on data collection and implementation (standard) for all new customers. A team will come onsite to verify and collect your space and asset data to ensure your AkitaBox solution is built using accurate information.

These newly verified and updated floor plans are then built using our direct integration with AutoDesk Revit®. This provides you with fresh, accurate floor plans in a BIM file format. We upload them into AkitaBox for you, providing an interactive and responsive experience that lets you track and manage assets more effectively.

While AkitaBox collects and implements your major mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire & life safety assets, you have the power to build out as much of an asset management ecosystem as you need. Add new pins, customize pin data fields, and upload associated documents for any asset your team manages.

2. AkitaBox Offers Solutions Beyond Just Work Orders

Facility leaders face many challenges on a daily basis beyond managing work orders and maintenance schedules. While UpKeep is focused on solving maintenance challenges, AkitaBox is taking other traditional problems that facility teams face and approaching them in a unique way. In addition to digital floor plans and maintenance management, AkitaBox offers a wide range of software solutions such as:

  • Inspection Software
    AkitaBox Inspections leverages our visual platform to help teams complete required inspection rounds faster, even in complex buildings. Build programs that meet any regulatory requirement from The Joint Commission, OSHA, and others with our powerful form builder and simple user interface. With dedicated inspection programs, you can quickly monitor inspection progress across your entire portfolio, or drill down into specific buildings, compliance codes, or programs for more transparency.
  • Capital Management
    Ditch your old, static FCA reports and use real-time conditions and risk data for more accurate capital planning. Save current equipment conditions to provide more reliable life-cycle projections, allowing you to defer maintenance with more confidence. AkitaBox’s unique integration with Gordian's RSMeans data automates suggested upcoming tasks, allowing you to provide a clearer picture for capital planners starting at the asset level.
  • DeepClean Assurance
    A software that assists custodial teams in following proper cleaning protocols and promoting transparency with stakeholders. It is driven by disinfection guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Access cleaning routes, customized lists of EPA-approved cleaning products, and a ​shareable assurance certificate ​that ensures that EPA-approved products have been used to successfully eliminate COVID-19 and other contaminants in a room.

3. The AkitaBox Pricing Structure Is Unique

When comparing AkitaBox to UpKeep it’s not apples-to-apples due to their different pricing structures. UpKeep is based on a typical SaaS module where you pay per number of users and service level. AkitaBox, on the other hand, is based on the sq. ft. of your implementation, with no limit on the number of users that can be added.

UpKeep does offer low-end pricing modules, but in order to accurately compare the features and services offered by AkitaBox, you should refer to the pricing of their business plus module.

The AkitaBox pricing structure may not make sense for every organization. If you have smaller facilities teams and are really just looking for a work order system, then a CMMS is probably the right route to go. UpKeep is a great choice, especially when considering the usability of their system.

For mid-large sized organizations facing larger challenges, you will find that the AkitaBox pricing structure delivers a greater ROI than a per-user pricing module. Without worrying about being nickel and dimed for adding users, you can include everyone who plays a role in maintaining and operating your facilities for improved collaboration. This pricing module also means we don't have hidden add-ons that are a hallmark of per-user pricing. Every customer gets the same data collection, implementation, support, and features included without extra charges or fees.

What’s the Verdict?

If your facilities team is small in size or simply looking for a work order management system, then UpKeep may be a good fit for you. If you are looking for more than a work order system and need help solving for long-standing facility management problems, then AkitaBox may be the better choice for you. AkitaBox is ideal for organizations that are looking to digitally transform how they manage facilities and their building portfolios.

Are you interested in doing more research on AkitaBox versus other options on the market? Check out the AkitaBox Comparison Grid for the information you need to make an informed decision or view this video.

How Does Your Current Solution Stand Up to Us?

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