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AkitaBox Named One of Madison’s Top Workplaces of 2020

On March 22, 2020, AkitaBox discovered that the Wisconsin State Journal had named our company as a winner of the Madison Top Workplaces award for the second year in a row. While we’re a humble bunch and don’t necessarily love boasting about the awards we receive, we are proud of the unique and impactful culture we’ve curated here in beautiful downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

Have you ever wondered what “a day in the life” at AkitaBox looks like? Here’s a sneak peek into our culture, where we’re big on innovation, giving back to our community and supporting our employees as they grow in their personal and professional lives.


Here’s a Sneak Peek Into AkitaBox's Culture

1. Our core values are important to us.

At AkitaBox, we make decisions and execute ideas based on four core values: We are one team, we have big ideas and creative execution, we continuously learn, and we have fun!

AkitaBoxers on CouchSoftware engineers (AKA the reason our software is so great): Gunnar, Lauren and Alex

Artboard 7 copy


"Our core values aren’t just our fundamental beliefs and behaviors; they’re also how we live, work and play at AkitaBox. They’re our compass and foundation. They guide how we interact with each other, maintain accountability, execute great products and problem-solve complexities. And to top it all off, we have fun while doing it together as a team."
Mary Glavin, Director of People Operations, AkitaBox

2. Our award-winning teams work hard to drive results.

In addition to winning the Wisconsin State Journal's Top Workplaces award for the second year in a row, AkitaBox was also recognized in Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Best Startup Employers of 2020. This list includes the top 500 startups in America who have created an outstanding culture based on employee satisfaction, employer reputation and company growth.

Matt Miszewski


"Everyone at AkitaBox has an incredible impact on our culture, and these awards serve as evidence of the positive impact we have on each other, our clients and our industry. With focus and execution, we have the means and methods to have a dramatic impact on everyone we encounter. We couldn’t achieve these awards without our dedicated and hardworking staff, and we’re excited to celebrate this achievement for yet another year."
Matt Miszewski, Chief Executive Officer, AkitaBox

Check out AkitaBox’s News Room to read more about our other recent awards and press coverage.

3. Our company embraces the start-up culture in the tech industry.

AkitaBox was founded in 2015 by a nuclear engineer, a building technology guru, and a lifelong salesman who had the vision to advance the built environment to improve the lives of others. Since then, we’ve grown to a company of around 80 people (and we’re still growing)!

Josh Lowe


"AkitaBox feels like a family now just as much as it did back in 2015. Back then, there were only five of us sitting around a homemade table, squatting in a vacant office because that was all we could afford. Today, we have grown to something so much larger. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together, especially during difficult times."
Josh Lowe, Co-founder and Business Development Executive, AkitaBox

4. We like to have fun and give back to our community.

Throughout the week, we work hard to give our customers the tools and resources they need to be successful as they discover the most efficient ways to manage their buildings. But even as we work, we make a point to take time out of the week to have fun and host events that bring employees together.

One of our favorite ways to have fun is to find unique ways to raise money for local charities. Our last chili cook-off raised $257 for Porchlight, a non-profit that works to solve homelessness in Dane County, Wisconsin. We also have an in-house party planning committee that helps us put together fun events throughout the month!

chili cookoff

5. We’re all about taking creative risks that make an impact.

At AkitaBox, we don’t settle for the norm. We want to disrupt the building management industry by providing innovative tools that make owning, operating and managing your facilities easier and more cost effective. We invite new challenges and work together as one team to create cutting edge solutions that our customers can rely on.

Tomissa Freisleben


"I love coming into work each day, because it always means I have a different problem to solve. We strive to be creative in how we work together to make the lives of our customers easier, as we have to move fast and be steadfast in our decisions for the best outcome for all."
Tomissa Freisleben, Product Owner, AkitaBox

AkitaBox Product FamThe AkitaBox product team: Robbie, Geoff, Tomissa and Chelsea

Pam Austria


"I've been fortunate to work with a talented array of people throughout my professional career. What makes AkitaBox stand out is that each employee, regardless of department, actively seeks out ways to make a positive impact for the company, customer, and each other. Every day, I am motivated to rise to the occasion and challenged to produce my best work."
Pamela Austria, Implementations Manager, AkitaBox

6. We’ve got dogs. Lots of dogs.

Nobody enjoys being stressed at work. Because of this, AkitaBox is constantly looking for new ways to keep our employees healthy, happy and productive. One of the coolest ways we counterbalance on-the-job stress is by maintaining a dog-friendly workplace. Many studies have proven that dogs help lower stress and improve employee job satisfaction. Our four-legged AkitaBoxers work hard to boost morale and help us have fun while on the job! 🐶

AkitaBox Doggos 1AkitaPups: Ma'Kai, Lexi and Missy

7. We stick together, even when times are tough.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the start to 2020 has been incredibly difficult for everyone. AkitaBox has worked hard to create free resources and initiatives to help our customers, especially those in healthcare, overcome the challenges they face as they relate to the coronavirus outbreak.

Even though AkitaBox has had to shift to a 100% remote approach to operations, we’ve still found unique ways to stick together and maintain connections from our homes. So far, we’ve hosted virtual lunches and parties via Zoom, and created special Slack channels that allow employees to continue collaborating despite working from home.

AkitaBox Zoom partyAkitaBoxers gather via Zoom for a post-work happy hour

Charlie Jurgens


"You want to know what makes this place one of the best places to work? It’s the resilience of the people to the inevitable ‒ and sometimes abrupt ‒ change of the world. In the face of adversity, I know every single individual here is going to give it their best shot and stay flexible to change. Even during a pandemic, we’ve stuck together, communicated openly and know what we need to do next. It’s easy for companies to say that they’re changing the world, but here at AkitaBox, we’re actually doing it."
Charlie Jurgens, Senior Graphic Designer, AkitaBox

New to AkitaBox? Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves 👋

AkitaBox offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that helps building management professionals automate their manual maintenance processes — saving them time, money, and likely a few choice words! Our software interface is ridiculously easy to use and is selling faster than a newly launched Tesla. Our phenomenal implementation services team and customer success team is here to help customers get the most out of their software experience and maximize return on investment.

AkitaBox Doggos 2Erin and Billy (moved to New Orleans but always in our hearts), Sara and Dudley

Stay Connected with AkitaBox

At AkitaBox, we’re all about transparency, empathy and growth, but we like to have lots of fun while we do it. Here are a few ways we’re helping our consumers stay connected with us and learn more about the latest updates in the building management industry.

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