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AkitaBox Compared to Archibus: Which Is Right for You?

January 18, 2021

You want to give your facilities team the best possible software, but actually choosing one is a different story. By now, you’ve probably scrolled through many providers’ websites, sat through several product demos, and written a lengthy pros vs. cons list, so we wanted to take a moment to give you a fresh approach to a facility management software comparison. We’re here to help! 

Let’s take a look at how AkitaBox facility management software stacks up against Archibus, an IWMS solution. 

How AkitaBox and Archibus are Similar

1. Asset Management

Facilities teams are responsible for managing a variety of assets and equipment within a facility. They’re also in charge of developing strategic plans for managing those assets. You want to invest your department’s dollars into software that will actively help you maintain regulatory compliance, assess risks, reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency throughout the year.

Both AkitaBox and Archibus offer the ability to track, manage and maintain assets across your entire portfolio. This way, you’ll be able to actively maintain equipment throughout its entire life cycle, as well as track important history associated with each asset. 

2. Maintenance Management

In addition to managing your building’s assets, you also want the ability to manage your building’s maintenance. The purpose of maintenance management is to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly, all while maximizing time and resources. You can accomplish this goal by investing in a facility management software that enables your team to improve their maintenance strategy. 

Both AkitaBox and Archibus can help you improve your maintenance management program, which can lead to reduced costs and improved efficiency. Both offer work order management, preventive maintenance management, and even a service request portal. AkitaBox offers two-way communication, allowing you to communicate not just with internal teams but also with requesters and occupants as well. This offering is ideal for large organizations with complex facilities.

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3. Inspections

Inspection work can be incredibly time-consuming. Between preparing for on-site inspections/surveys and maintaining daily, weekly and monthly expectation reports, it’s no wonder that many facilities teams need a way to maintain compliance more efficiently and accurately (without the need for bulky binders and disorganized filing cabinets.)

Both AkitaBox and Archibus go beyond paper-based inspection compliance by offering the ability to improve processes and organize documentation for when auditors and surveyors come for on-sites. AkitaBox takes this offering a step further with location-based inspection rounds that improve efficiency of technicians and managers every day. This way, you’ll be less likely to run into catastrophic events and hefty fines.

How AkitaBox and Archibus are Different

1. AkitaBox pulls ahead with user-friendly design.

Nothing’s worse than purchasing a software only for your team to never fully use or implement it because it is too difficult to use. We’ve worked hard to ensure our platform is incredibly simple and easy to use, no matter your team’s technological skill set. Combined with customized training sessions, you’ll know your team will want to use AkitaBox day in and day out. 

Your team will also appreciate having access to the information they need out in the field in a highly-visual software that’s easy to customize. While Archibus does offer various modules, features, and functionality, workflows aren’t always the most intuitive and information can be difficult to find. This is common amongst older CMMS and IWMS providers whose software was originally designed 20-30 years ago. Simply put, AkitaBox is the go-to option for simple, flexible software that can meet any need.

2. AkitaBox’s location-based asset mapping lets you track equipment at the facility level.

While Archibus relies on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), AkitaBox offers facility-level asset mapping and tracking that offers facility-wide asset mapping and tracking down to the inch. Having this information at your fingertips is a great way to protect institutional knowledge, onboard new hires faster, respond to emergencies quicker, and allow facilities teams to be better prepared for any situation they face throughout the day.  

AkitaBox customers love our location-based asset mapping, which gives your team a highly visual way to manage your space and assets. We’ll come onsite to verify your current plans, then gather data and photos of your major mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire & life safety assets. This data is then used to create two-dimensional floor plans with asset locations pinned using AutoDesk Revit®. The final result is the ability to quickly find assets, space data, service requests, work orders and critical documentation – all with the click of a button. 

3. AkitaBox offers robust capital planning features to save you money.

While Archibus does provide a budgeting and project management capital planning tool, AkitaBox offers a fresh and innovative approach to managing your organization’s capital project needs that is actually based on real-time, real-world data for unmatched accuracy. You’ve never had a more accurate capital plan.

We want to take the stress out of tracking and prioritizing upcoming costs so you can feel confident in projecting costs accurately. AkitaBox Capital Management ensures the easiest path for capital budgeting, now and in the future. Powered by RSMeans Data from Gordian, our software allows your team to easily plan, prioritize and defer major repairs and replacements in your facilities without added stress or hassle. You’ll even be able to view suggested upcoming projects based on industry averages — helping you prioritize where maintenance dollars should be allocated. Having the ability to view risk data based on condition and severity of failure will help you determine what projects are more dire to address, as well as which can wait.  

4. AkitaBox offers award-winning implementation, training and support to all customers.

At AkitaBox, we love our customers and the questions they ask. In fact, we have an entire Customer Success team to make sure you’re comfortable using the software and get the most out of your investment. All AkitaBox customers gain access to our resources library, which features dozens of useful articles and resources to help you use AkitaBox to its full potential. Our customers have already begun to share the love with us: Read what people are saying about us on Capterra.

In addition to our award-winning customer service and training, we also offer cutting-edge facility data collection services. Take back your day and let us do the work; we work hard to make sure your team has accurate space and facility data that you can rely on (in a platform that’s easy to use, no matter where you are.) The best part? You’ll ever have to pay extra for any of these services, as they come included in your experience. 

What questions can we answer?

Choosing a facility management software is a major decision. Whether you’re considering your first one or looking to make a change, this investment can pay big dividends as long as you choose the best fit.

Want to learn more about AkitaBox and see the software in action? We thought so! Click here to view our library of videos showing how AkitaBox can improve your team’s efficiency and your organization’s bottom line. 

You might also be interested in downloading our IWMS Comparison Guide to see how AkitaBox and Archibus stack up feature-by-feature. Click the banner below to get your copy.

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Lucas Daily

Former Product Manager for AkitaBox.

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