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AkitaBox Partner Program

Join our technology, service, and channel partner ecosystem to help revolutionize the facility & asset management world. 

Our Innovation Team is dedicated to designing and deploying small pilot projects to support our customers’ business case for more widespread technology adoption. We work with a cadre of channel, technology, start-up, advisory, and academic partners to create integrated solutions, evaluate traditional approaches, and recommend pathways for digital transformation. Our team builds and nurtures partnerships to field proven technology solutions to our customers with scalability, effectiveness, and cost in mind.


Midwest Born and Raised

AkitaBox was founded in 2015 out of an idea and a need for a better way to manage facilities and building portfolios. As a small scrappy startup in Madison, WI we are looking for local partners to help us in our mission to disrupt the facility management space through innovative software and services.

Midwest Born and Raised Start-up for Managing Facilities

Innovation Through Partnerships

Our partner ecosystem allows us to drive innovative solutions for our customers across the country. Touching every aspect of the building lifecycle, we are working with partners to help organizations both big and small digitally transform the way they visualize and operate their facilities, including advanced data capture, IoT devices, and digital twins.

AkitaBox Innovation Through Partnerships

Partnership In Action - The Department Of The Interior

In partnership with Booze Allen Hamilton and working with the National Park Service, AkitaBox helped conduct facility condition assessments to optimize operations and maintenance of existing infrastructure.


Become An Individual Partner Through GigFM

The GigFM program connects facilities and trades workers to local Gigs across the US. Working as independent contractors, these Gigs offer flexible schedules and straightforward work for those looking to earn extra money on the side.

Have an iPad and able to work on your feet? Take a look at what local Gigs are near you!


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