3 Reasons Building Owners Have Scattered Information.

Educational Webinar on Tuesday, August 25th at 11:30am


Building owners and operators understand the importance of accessible information for maintenance, planning and team training. Unfortunately, the majority of our facility information is inaccessible, buried in stacks of plans or complicated folder structures on computers. 

There are 3 fundamental reasons why our information is in such disarray:

  1. Our buildings are constantly being remodeled or are under new construction, making it difficult to maintain accurate and accessible information.
  2. The contractors we collaborate with pass along disorganized information that was used for construction and not created for building operations.
  3. The construction and design industries are using new technology such as RevitĀ® for document creation, yet our buildings' historical information is in formats varying from paper to PDF's to AutoCADĀ®.

On August 25th at 11:30, this educational presentation will discuss how the construction industry has impacted information management for building owners and operators and how to overcome the challenges of transitioning a building from construction to management. 

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Presented by Luke Perkerwicz. Contact Luke at lperkerwicz@AkitaBox.com