The First Step to Improve Facility Management Productivity.

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With thousands of documents ranging from floor plans to O&M manuals, how do facility managers even to start to organize their building's information? At this presentation John Mulcahey will talk about one simple strategy that will greatly improve facility management productivity and make organizing facility information easy.

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Webinar Summary

Government statistics indicate that the inefficient management of facility documentation costs our industry over $14 billion dollars a year. In the previous webinar, John spoke about the hurdles facility managers face to improve team efficiency and how to overcome the difficulties of establishing a system for facility information management (FIM). 

The first step facility managers need to take to improve productivity through FIM is to standardize facility information. At this presentation, John will outline a simple process your facility can use to exponentially increase productivity.

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John Mulcahey Bio:

John Mulcahey is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in the state of Wisconsin with over 25 years of experience in the facility design and maintenance industry. He has been the owner’s rep on over $500M of new facilities and managed a staff of over 150 in the maintenance and remodeling of an organization with over 2 million assignable square feet. Mulcahey has focused on process improvement and innovation in facility management throughout his career.

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