What Project Managers Really Want

Project Managers are the hub of communication for any construction project, bringing the necessary documents and people together to effectively and efficiently build. As the central communicator of a project, a PM is often forced to deal with millions of small, but important issues. Incorrect drawings, questions on constructability, or distributing new information are DAILY difficulties that PMs must resolve. Creating solutions is important, but causes countless hours to be lost from the field workforce and administrators. In the end, there are really only a few things that project managers truly want for making their job easier.

  • To focus on their job.  It is frustrating to halt the day’s momentum to answer a question or deal with an issue unrelated to building the building.

  • An easy way to track all project info. It is annoying to have to look through multiple different folders, emails, and websites to find the information you need. PMs just want one place they can go to find all of the information they need

  •  A simple solution. The last thing PMs want to have to do is learn something new when they are already busy their project. If they are going to do something new, it has to be easy and it has to work.

Traditionally, PMs tough it out and use an FTP site, email, and scheduling to help them coordinate projects. They look at this as part of their job, and they deal with it. It doesn't have to be this way though. Innovative solutions are emerging for construction and project management that improve efficiency and collaboration.

If the solution is difficult to learn, who really cares how innovative it is? The only thing a project manager truly wants is something that makes their life easier.